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SPAIN: Catalan archives and the Dignity Commission

One source of Catalan resentment against the Spanish state is that Franco transferred from Catalonia to Salamanca documents supposedly referring to the Civil War. The Catalan viewpoint is expressed in a message from Sergi Sanvicens which I am compelled to summarize in clear English. He says that many of the documents go back to the 19th century. The Spanish argument in favor of keeping them in Salamanca is that some organizations to which they would be returned are undemocratic (anarchist or communist). Sergi Sanvicens assures us that they would be returned to democratic institutions, but does not give details. The Dignity Commission demands that they be returned to Catalonia; it is a matter of Catalan pride. This issue was much discussed some time ago, but I have niot heard about it recently.

Ronald Hilton - 10/19/02