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Catalonia and Catalan

     Les Robinson comments:
     "I have followed with interest your various comments on the Catalans. We have Catalan friends in Barcelona who always speak Spanish (even though they know Catalan), would be horrified if Catalonia ever separated from Spain, think bull fights are an abomination and think all kinds of other politically incorrect thoughts! A very gentle and civilized couple."
     My comment: Good, but I wonder what Joan Ubeda thinks of their speaking in Spanish? Is that a sign of their attachment to Spain? Were they franquistas?

Ronald Hilton - 01/02/99

More on Catalonia and Catalan

     Les Robinson replies to the question about the politics of his Spanish-speaking Catalan friends:
     "I do indeed think our Barcelona friends have a strong attachment to Spain, though apparently not to Franco, whom they have criticized. While Franco was alive, I believe they were apolitical publicly; what they thought privately I can only conjecture."
     Joan Ubeda, a Knight Fellow at Stanford from the Pompeu Fabre University in Barcelona, has sent me a very long commentary on the intricate politics of the language question in Catalonia. Those interested may find the text at If you still have questions, you may email him: Incidentally, his university is named after the famous Catalan with whom I studied Catalan in Barcelona in 1932.

Ronald Hilton - 01/06/99