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SPAIN: Catalonia

Christopher Jones says: "I was very surprised when I saw this poll in La Vanguardia for the upcoming Generalitat elections. Pujol is retiring and CiU is pushing for a revision of the Estatut similar to Ibarretxe's Free Association plan. The ERC's number is frankly wild". RH: The Basque plan for free association means that the Basque country would become a sovereign state in "free association" with Spain. I do not believe Madrid would tolerate it, or a similar "free association" for Catalonia. It would mean the breakup of Spain. Franco's slogan was Spain, one and great, and the popularity of Pio Moa's book praising Franco is due in part to the fact that Franco kept Spain united. Christopher calls the showing of the ERC "wild". My impression is that its program is left-wing nationalist. Carod Rovira is related to the Catalan nationalist historian Rovira i Virgili.

¿A quién preferiría como próximo president de la Generalitat?
Han contestado 29287 personas

  • Artur Mas (CiU)
  • Pasqual Maragall (PSC)
  • Josep Lluís Carod-Rovira (ERC)
  • Josep Piqué (PP)
  • Joan Saura (IC-EUiA)

Ronald Hilton - 8/1/03