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SPAIN: Catalonia and independence

Miquel Strubell writes: "You lamented the inexistence of surveys on the Catalans' desire for independence. The central government's Centro de Investigaciones undertook survey no. 2410 in March 2001, on "Situación social y política de Cataluña". They are hardly suspect of colouring things Catalonia's way!

2,778 people (over 18, resident in Catalonia) were interviewed. Question 25 stated: "Personally, are you in favor or against Catalan independence?" The replies were as follows:
In favor: 35.9%
Against 48.1%
Don't know 13.3%
No reply 2.8%

Is 35.9% support for independence among all adults resident in Catalonia, without the issue being debated openly, the kind of figure you expected?"

My answer: Yes.

Ronald Hilton - 7/31/02