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SPAIN: Catalonia, Basque country

From Barcelona, Miquel Strubell writes: "Madrid does account for a high % of GDP: but that is largely because it concentrates power, central offices, ministries and other lucrative job-giving activities, rather than because it has a particularly high level of value-adding industry. Many companies have their factories outside Madrid but, as their central offices are in Madrid (the country's economy being just as centralised, if not more, than before), statistics attribute that wealth to Madrid!

The 1998 Canadian Court judgment about the right of Quebec to secede (Reference by the Governor in Council concerning certain questions relating to the secession of Quebec from Canada, as set out in Order in Council P.C. 1996-1497, dated the 30th day of September, 1996) is a lesson to democrats all over the world. Instead of hysterically refusing to deny them the right to self-determination, the Court ("the Court, rather than acting in its traditional adjudicative function, is acting in an advisory capacity") states that a clear majority would have to vote in favour of independence. Quite a lesson.

It can be accessed at the following address:"

Ronald Hilton - 8/2/02