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Catalonia: Corpus Christi

From Barcelona, Miquel Strubell tells us: "Catalonia too has a number of Corpus Christi traditions. The two main ones are:

  1. The dancing egg: eggs perch at the top of the spout of water issuing from about 10 fountains in old Barcelona.
  2. Floral carpets, in the streets of some towns. The most famous are Arbúcies (see photo of "La tradition des tapis de Fleurs" at Vilanova i la Geltrú and Sitges. There's a beautiful picture towards the end of".

    My comment: Spanish celebrations of Corpus Christi are more artistic than that in Mexico City, which consists mostly of popular merry making. I do not know about other Mexican cities. In both cases, the religious meaning of the devotion to the body of Christ has been played down. This is another example of the secularization of religious holy days, which our society has turned into holidays. In the process, the beauty of the ancient traditions has been lost, victims of the vulgarity of modern life.

    Ronald Hilton - 6/17/01