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SPAIN: Catalonia, Foix, Dali and Fascism

During the time of Mussolini there was a Catalan fascist movement, which Catalans today prefer to forget. Perhaps Hank Levin, who is now in Catalonia can provide more information. Christopher Jones says: "Josep Vicenš Foix i Mas (1893-1987) definitely served as a link to Mussolini's Italy. I have read private correspondence between Salvador DalÝ and Conte Galeazzo Ciano, and I believe his name cropped up more than once. During the 30's, Foix was editor of the "Les Arts i les Lletres" section of La Publicitat, and DalÝ supplied him with a column from Paris. During this period, Foix made some curiously quaint remarks praising DalÝ's use of Catalan geology in his paintings which could be interpreted as fascistic, but I detect a subtle difference. Foix and DalÝ on the right side were diametrically opposed to classic Catalanismo".

Ronald Hilton - 7/11/03