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SPAIN: Catalunya, Parsifal and the Escamots

Commenting on th Catalan fascist movement, with its Parsifal mythology and Montserrat as its symbol, Christopher Jones sends us "this short description of the Catalan fascist movement which was written by Gerald Brennan in The Spanish Labyrinth : "Estat Catala was a youth movement composed mostly of workmen and adventurers -- men drawn from the same soil as the sindicatos libres [boss created anti-CNT yellow unions] of a dozen years before -- with a violent antagonism to the Anarcho-Syndicalists. It had a small military organisation, the escamots, who wore olive green uniforms. It represented Catalan Nationalism in its most intransigent form: it was in fact Catalan fascism." A larger article traced this radical nationalism to the ERC or Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya which is still the 3rd largest party in the region. At first sight this may seem fantastic, but it seems that Catalan fascism had a certain leftist flair about it. There are many first hand accounts of a massive parade on October 22, 1933, when the Escamots marched through Barcelona's streets. And anybody who has any contact with today's ERC knows that it is in fact a wildly nationalistic group. What I have not been able to find yet is a direct link between the Monserrat /Parsifal movement and the Dencàs inspired and Badía led Escamots. Foix is mentioned as well as "a young Dalí" who was jailed (he later described his stay in prison as the happiest moment of his life) for burning the Spanish flag. Note: I found a picture of Himmler in Barcelona and he stayed at the Ritz on the Rambla".

Ronald Hilton - 7/11/03