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SPAIN: The Civil War and historians

Christopher Jones said: "In Hendaye in 1941, Franco met with Adolf Hitler to discuss the possibility of Spain entering the war on the German side. Franco clearly saw that Spain was exhausted after the civil war and just stalled, letting the Nazi leader go home empty handed. I believe that Franco may have won the war for the Allies right then and there". Paul Preston replies: "God help us. Does this man know no restraint? Modern scholarship (British, German, American and Spanish) has shown that Franco was very keen to join in the war on the Axis side. The idea that he single-handedly held back the Axis is one of the greatest triumphs of his propaganda machine. I discuss this at great length in my biography of Franco, but could send you lots of references should you be interested".

RH: Of course I will post anything Paul Sends us.

Ronald Hilton - 7/21/03