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Civil War and Fraga Iribarne

     Fraga Iribarne, Franco's information minister, figures prominently in the saga of Burnett Bolloten's attempts to publish his book on the Spanish Civil War, as I report in my tribute to Burnett. He is now the wizened old head of the government of Galicia. I met him in Bogotá when he was a Franco crusader. Tim Brown met him in Madrid. He reports:
     "Discussion of the Spanish Civil war reminds me of an evening at my home in Madrid in 1966, or thereabouts. At the time I was assigned to the American Embassy. Among the friends who came to dinner was Fraga Iribarne of Falangista fame. He was looking through our collection of records [vinyl no less] and came across a Library of Congress album of Spanish Civil War songs and, despite my concern, insisted we listen to them. I was fascinated that he knew to words of every one of them, from Los Cuatro Generales to Das Thaelmen Brigade, including a couple of Lincoln Battalion songs in English. One he especially liked was There's a Valley in Spain Called Jarama."

Ronald Hilton - 2/11/00