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Computers: Santa Tecla, the Saint of the Keyboard

     On the advice of Hoover gurus, I have just acquired a PC LaserJet 1100, but I can't get the copying and scanning functions to work, and the manual on CD-rom is impenetrable. So, as a Hispanist, I wish to appeal to the appropriate saint. Joan Ubeda of Barcelona recommends Santa Tecla:
     "The proponents of Santa Tecla as patron saint of the Internet have a webpage ( a virtual chapel). Visit it at"
     I did, but found it in Catalan, since she is the patron saint of Tarragona, feast day September 23. She is not in the Britannica, so I know no more about her. The homepage tells us how to confess our internet sins to Santa Tecla, (in Catalan, with a sprinkling of words like "bombing", "shareware"). It also gives the text of praises to the Saint. Her rival is San Pedro Regalado, from Castile, who therefore speaks Castilian. The Basques have not yet found their equivalent, who would not be much use to Americans, since he/she would speak Basque. I doubt if either of the others knows English, so monolingual English-speakers would still have no one to appeal to. Indeed, Joan, who was Santa Tecla? Would she at my request exorcise HP? I am desperate.

Ronald Hilton - 4/24/00