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Correct Thinking About Spain

     My views on Spain are incorrect. I lived there from 1931 to 1936 and witnessed how the republic fell apart in civil war. For this I place part on the blame on the crazy writers and artists who viewed themselves as the avant-garde of the republican movement. I knew García Lorca and most of them, and they lacked the sense of responsibility necessary for a country to survive. The cult of them, including Picasso, is a big con job.
     Burnett Bolloten saw the republic from the inside too, and we generally agreed. However, correct thinking about Spain is promoted by people who know little about it. They are shocked by my assessment and my esteem for Burnett Bolloten.
     Among the goodies I receive are handsome U.N. posters which I pass on to Elena Danielson for the poster collection of the Hoover Library. I will pass on one I have just received, a crazy painting by the Spanish artist Cristóbal Gabarrón. Hailing the year 2000, it is entitled "For a better world." Since I received two copies, the other will go to Alexander Ross, head of Stanford's art library. I ask him and Elena to show it to others and ask them to guess the title. A kind of a Rorschach test. I bet no one suggests "for a better world."

Ronald Hilton - 1/19/00