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SPAIN: Elections in municipalities and autonomous regions

Christopher Jones stands my his interpretation of the elections in Spain's municipalities and autonomous regions: "Only 200,000 votes separate the Partido Popular (PP) from the Socialists in the overall count. The only real surprise was the loss of the Madrid autonomous region to the Socialists, but only by a whisker. In all, the PP did not crumble, held its own and the election can be justly interpreted as an amazing electoral comeback. John Heelan can find more balanced reporting in ABC or La Vanguardia instead of the Socialist fog horn El País. (A newspaper I personally never read) But I repeat, the real winner was the Nasque nationalist party (PNV) which took Bilbao, trouncing the Socialist PSOE throughout the Basque country. Whether the PSOE likes it or not, the real threat lies in the Basque provinces where a resurgent PNV has been swelled with Batasuneros. (Thanks to supersocialist Judge Baltasar Garzón -- a card carrying maniac) If they continue of their march towards independence as I know they will, many will happy with the PP's praise for Franco".

RH: A foghorn performs a valuable service, so being called one is a compliment. Christopher should iisten to it, even if he does not read it To call Judge Garzón a maniac is a distinctly minority opinion.

Ronald Hilton - 5/29/03