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SPAIN: Elections in municipalities and autonomous regions

John Heelan disagrees with Christopher Jonee of the elections in Spain's Basque country. That may seem like a minor matter, but it might trigger another Spanish civil war: "Christopher might like to reflect that the election results in País Vasco shows that the PNV gains were mainly in Bilbao winning 13 out of the 29 seats (PP 7, PSE-EE 6), whereas in San Sebastian PNV won only 8 seats (PP7, PSE-EE11) and in Vitoria PNV gained 9 seats, level with PP and 2 more than PSE-EE. Thus in total seats in these three Basque capitals PNV won 30 seats, PP 23 seats and PSE-EE 23 seats. However in no capital did PNV obtain overall control".

Ronald Hilton - 6/2/03