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SPAIN: Elections in municipalities and autonomous regions

Christopher Jones and John Heelan are both Spain experts, but they disagree about the Spanish elections. Christopher says: "The returns for San Sebastián la frivole, like the other cities he mentions, are only one third of the story. The electoral returns for the entire Basque countryside, show that the PNV has only had one real rival: ETA. Now, the PNV is the beneficiary of Sr Garzón's deranged decisions. At any rate, my personal interest in this region goes beyond family ties (I would love to know more about Basque immigration to California.) In 1977 I made my first documentary in Euskadi. Leaving Paris, I decided to visit the incomparable Herbert R Southworth at his frozen chateau in the Poitou. He was very generous and helped me with contacts. I pushed onto the Basque country where, thanks to Herbert, I met Joseba Elosegui, survivor of the Gernika attack, who once attempted to kill Gen. Franco with a flaming embrace. He showed me the reality of the Basque country and I am forever indebted to him. He died a royal senator".

RH: "Family ties" means that Christopher has absorbed the Basque viewpoint to the extent of making a documentary in Euskadi. Could he expatiate on this ? Basque nationalists may think that Judge Garzón is deranged, but Christopher is the only person I know who thinks so. I am surprised that conservative Christopher should have good relations with Herbert Southworth, a leftist who belittled the great, moderate specialist on the Spanish Civil War, my good friend Burnett Bolloten. Joseba is the Basque for José, but I know nothing about Joseba Elosegui. Can Christopher tell us more about the "flaming embrace"? As for the Basques in California, most of them came to Nevada as shepherds, and then they or their offspring moved to California. The Provost of Stanford University, the admirable John W. Etchemendy, is of Basque origin. Do I gather that Christopher's wife is a Californian of Basque origin? Bolloten was in my days one of the great scholars at Bolivar House, Stanford University. What does Christopher think of him?

Ronald Hilton - 6/7/03