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El Ejido

     The posting about the violence at El Ejido near Almería brought an anguished response from Clara Martínez, who lives in Almería. She says that conditions there thirty years ago were like those in the Magreb today. She has deep sympathy for the immigrants, and says the only solution is to invest in the Magreb. The trouble with tomatoes arose from the fact that the EU allows too many to be imported from Morocco. Almería fishermen are not able to fish in Moroccan waters because of the increase in the price of permits. She denies that skinheads or neo-Nazis were involved in the troubles at El Ejido. She blames the Moroccan royal family and the elite for monopolizing most of the wealth, leaving the people in misery.

     My comment: I regret that we have little direct information about Morocco. In connection with the GIL group in Ceuta and Melilla, it seems to be in direct antagonism with Morocco, which regards the enclaves as terra irredenta. Investing will be faster in Morocco than in Algeria, where there is far more violence.

Ronald Hilton - 2/18/00