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Political irresponsibility and trigger-happy men led to the Spanish Civil War. The Basque provinces have a tradition of violence represented once by the Carlistas and now by the young ETA killers. To justify their killing of innocent people, they label the government of Aznar as fascist, which is ridiculous, and they say they are prepared for war. They warn that ETA's violent campaign for independence from the "dictatorship" of the Spanish state is entering a new era following a political crackdown by Madrid. Their mouthpiece is the Basque language newspaper Gara, which has been banned by the Spanish government ETA did not mention the latest death of a Civil Guard policeman, an attack blamed on them by police and politicians alike. That the Spanish government would agree to a dismemberment of Spain is unthinkable, and ETA is risking another civil war. Unfortunately they have they support of some young Catalans. These young fools have never seen a civil war.

Ronald Hilton - 9/27/02