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SPAIN: ETA--The assassination of Ernest Lluch

Stephen Schwartz writes:

  1. I disagree [with Miquel Strubell i Trueta] about the bloodthirsty ETA and its knowing, cynical collaborators in the ranks of mainstream Basque nationalism -- the party of Xaber Arzallus. The latter forces are attempting to blackmail the Madrid regime into various political and economic concessions by refusing to break their defacto alliance with the terrorists.

  2. ETA and the Basque Nationalists in general care nothing about Gernika or anything else that happened during the civil war. They are fascist gangsters of the most extreme type. They care about terror and terror only. They are prepared to kill their own family members and neighbors who do not submit to their bidding. They are postmodern and posthistorical.

  3. Franco's RAZA was a screenplay for a monumental film on Hispanidad. [I would like more details. RH].

  4. I consider myself an honorary Catalan. Precisely because I love Catalunya I hate ETA and the Basque gangster politicians much more than I could ever hate Madrid. Madrid has granted Catalunya everything it needs. The Basque gangsters are attempting to destroy a democracy under which Catalunya flourishes."

    Ronald Hilton - 11/26/00