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SPAIN: Franco and Hitler

Christopher Jones says Churchill supports his assertion about Franco's frustrating Hiler's plans: " It seems that modern scholarship has drafted Winston Churchill into the Franco propaganda machine. ( Maybe, because Churchill was a Tory? ) At any rate, in Winston Churchill's The Second World War, Vol.2: Their Finest Hour, pages 519-530, the wartime British Prime Minister wrote that Hitler's juggernaut was stopped by Franco: "It is fashionable at the present to dwell on the vices of general Franco and I am glad therefore to place on record this testimony to the duplicity . . . of his dealings with Hitler . . . I shall presently record even greater services which . . . General Franco rendered the Allied cause." It is true that Franco moved Spain from strict neutrality to non belligerency but Spain reclaimed strict neutrality in 1943. I am not at home at the moment, so I made a small mistake. The Hitler-Franco meeting took place in October 1940, not 1941 which makes Franco's refusal to join Hitler even more astounding. I wonder how these respected scholars explain Franco's help to Sephardic Jews fleeing Nazi persecution? It has been well documented even in WAIS".

Ronald Hilton - 7/28/03