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SPAIN: Franco, Fidel and Negrin

Christopher Jones answers Carmen Negrín: "Carmen wants to know why I prefer Franco to Fidel Castro. It is simple: Fidel destroyed his country and continues to torture Cuba's captive population in his communist madhouse. Franco left behind a happy, stable and prosperous nation ready to be integrated into the EU. Night and day -- unless you believe think that Spain should have been turned into "Cuba-Oriental," under the so called Second Republic which in reality was a Bolshevik soviet.

I am afraid that Carmen's grandfather contributed more than most to the sovietization of the republic and is a perfect example of everything that was wrong with the Spanish republic. It is asserted that he tried to secretly negotiate with Franco just before the war's close. But it is a fact that while he was finance minister Negrín chose to give away the entire Spanish gold reserves for "safe keeping"in Stalin's Soviet Union. This and much more underlines the moral corruption rampant in the republic. But like Clinton or Che Guevara, Juan Negrín got off on the sunny side of history, probably helped by the communist moles that always try to skew opinion in favor of such people".

RH: Whatever its weaknesses, it is grossly incorrect to call the Second Republic a Bolshevik soviet. It is a surprise to learn that Bill Clinton owed his success to communist moles.

Ronald Hilton - 7/31/03