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SPAIN: Franco, Negrin and the Spanish gold in Moscow

Carmen Negrěn replies to Christopher Jones on the question of the Spanish gold which her grandfather, Spanish prime minister Juan Negrín, deposited in Moscow. One issue concerns the documents relating to it. Carmen says: "The documents, which were not "found" but kept in my grand father's bank in Paris, were indeed returned, according to his will, to Spain, via the Spanish Consulate in Paris, where he died (not in Mexico). All the details of the whys and the hows are in Mariano Ansó's book Yo fui ministro de Negrín. In 1956, most Republicans in exile were more or less settled, whereas people in Spain were still suffering from lack of food etc. Since the Republican government in exile ceased being recognized by the UN, my grandfather considered that the Spanish gold had to be returned to Spain, for the benefit of the Spanish people, independently of who was governing Spain. This was in line with his previous fight to get the Marshall Plan extended to Spain.

His concern was Spain, not his honour! The propaganda campaign against him certainly distracted from Franco's inefficency in getting the gold back, even with the receipts! Olaya's book, which C. Jones refers to, is of the same caliber as Pio Moa's!"

Ronald Hilton - 8/5/03