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SPAIN: and con

Christian Leitz disagrees with John Wonder`s justification of Franco: "SPAIN in 1936 was a republic, albeit, as you well know, a very shaky one), There was certainly no danger of it becoming a communist dictatorship a la Stalin! As plenty of historians have emphasised, the PCE was minute in size and ironically only grew into a sizeable and powerful force because of the Civil War. Arguing that Franco "saved" Spain from communism is falling precisely for the kind of propaganda Franco and his ilk spread at the time and later. What next - a revival of the myth that Hitler saved Germany from communism?! "

My comment: I was there. To say the republic was very shaky it putting it mildly. The country was falling apart. Whether the Western powers could have strengthened it sufficiently remains an open question.

Ronald Hilton - 3/11/02