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SPAIN: Franco's cooperation with the Allies

Christopher Jones says: "Eric Boehm's posting only serves to underscore what I have been saying all along (and what Churchill was saying in his memoirs), namely that General Franco performed enormous services (note the plural) to the Allied cause. We have here testimony of Franco's help to the Allied military effort, and we have discussed in detail the help the Spanish embassy gave to Sephardic Jews escaping Nazi persecution. I would go even farther -- that the Nazis probably knew of this, and that was the reason they did not stash gold bullion in Spain (preferring superfascist Portugal.) For exiled republicans and their sympathisers, it is a crime to recognize that Franco was capable of doing anything positive; they grasp at anything negative. (Very similar to the current criticism of President Bush.) A sad comment on their blindness to the truth is their inability to face up to the reality of the Spanish "soviet" republic, that gave us: thirteen murdered bishops, 4184 murdered priests, 2.365 monks executed, and 383 nuns killed. So much for religious tolerance in the Spanish second republic".

Ronald Hilton - 7/30/03