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The Quality of Health -Las Hurdes

     Stephen Read, who is a Professor of Medicine, comments on what Ana Eccles said about the plight of the people of Las Hurdes and the fantastic topography of the area:
     "In my experience desolate places often have 'fantastic' topography. The swollen neck/thyroid is not due to lack of salt per se, but to lack of iodine, the necessary element for synthesis of thyroid hormone. Places isolated from the ocean (sea salt has sodium iodide naturally and fish may concentrate it) are known to have a high risk of goiter (and idiocy and other disorders) due to hypothyroidism due to iodine insufficiency. This is why our table salt is 'iodized'."

     My question: Has there been any study on the correlation between eating fish and the intelligence of different groups.? Ask the Japanese.

Ronald Hilton - 5/15/00