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Spain in its history

A long message from John Heelan is evidence that history is still a battlefield in Spain, in a way Americans can scarcely understand. He rightly says "The Nationalists used the same symbolic propaganda of the Reconquista for the Civil War, including the pre-war gathering of the fascist youth at Covadonga (the reputed start of the first Reconquista) and a subsequent meeting of 20-30000 "Catholic youths" at El Escorial (Philip II's center of the Spanish Christian world)." Happy the country which has no history! This exchange could easily develop into one of the long Spanish arguments about the history of their country, which have been going on since the 18th century. This would be outside the interests of most WAISers. Suffice it to say that Spanish history textbooks from different periods and regions could be exhibit number one for our history textbook project.

Ronald Hilton - 12/22/01