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SPAIN: Juan Edmundo Cirlot

A previous posting said that Juan Edmundo Cirlot (1916-1973) belonged to the Lorca-Buñuel clique.. From Spain, José Manuel de Prada comments: "Well, Cirlot's political sympathies were more conservative, to say the least, than those of Lorca and Buñuel. He was also a collector of swords. The famous Dictionary of Symbols is more useful for the researcher of Cirlot's own poetry than for anyone interested in the meaning of the symbols themselves. His interpretations are highly personal and often arbitrary. Because of his political tendencies, Cirlot's poetry was for a long time seldom read or studied. As a matter of fact, is was out of print and difficult to come by. Recently, he has been subject to a certain "rehabilitation". Not long ago, Ediciones Siruela of Madrid published the massive Bronwyn, a poetry cycle inspired by the minor character of that name (played by Rosemary Forsythe) in Franklyn Schaffner's movie "The War Lord", which has Charlton Heston in the main role. The book includes no all the poems of the cycle published during Cirlot's lifetime, plus some unpublished ones, letters, articles and other related material. Very interesting if you are a Cirlot fan, otherwise quite boring stuff".

Ronald Hilton - 6/29/03