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SPAIN: Juan Negrin

As President Kennedy said, defeat leads to abundant recrimination, and the argument as to who was responsible for the Republican defeat in the Spanish Civil War has led to plenty of it. Naturally, much involves the last Prime Minister, Juan Negrín. Christopher Jones has sent me a vehemently anti-Negrín article by Francisco Jiménez Losantos. He is a well known radio journalist in Spain and director of the Madrid radio shows "La Linterna" and "la Mañana" at Cadena Cope, as well as author of La Última Salida de Manuel Azaña. Christopher says" I am particularly intrigued with the reference to Felipe González turning his back on Negrín. (Sevillano against the Canario?) The International Institue of Social History (Holland)

Christopher also refers to Olaya Morales, Francisco. La Gran Estafa. Nossa y Jara Editores, Madrid 1996. 437 pp. Here is a review: This study, based on extensive archival research, shares the anti-communist point of view in the Spanish debate about the Negrín government's operating procedure at the end of the Civil War and in exile. The author deals largely with this government's financial manoeuvres and the organization of the different rescue operations for Spanish refugees. RH: The tone of the book and of the article is so vehement that they are not clearly not objective analyses; they are similar to much of what appears about American politics. While they cannot be disregarded, great caution should be exercised by the reader.

Ronald Hilton - 8/7/03