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SPAIN: Juan Negrin

Christopher Jones sent a violent attack on Spanish Prime Minister Juan Negrín by Francisco Jiménez Losantos, who among other things described him as a gluttonous epicurean. Carmen Negrín defends her grandfather: "In addition to Ansó's book already mentioned, read Rafael Méndez' Caminos inversos, Vivencias de ciencia y guerra, (Fondo de Cultura Económica, México, 1987), which gives a portrait much more like the person I knew and lived with and who, I can assure you, didn't eat three dinners a day. Nor did hr particularly like champagne, or take aspirins (his health problems required other medication). Even the indemnity figure (which is in pesetas, not dollars) is wrong and, as stated in the Royal Decree, it was a "symbolic" indemnity (meaning that the real value was much higher) - José Medina is publishing a very detailed book on the subject . The political analysis in the article is just as inadequate and not worth commenting on further... The only thing that should be noted in C. Jones' sources is the tremendous hatred and pettiness, rather than knowledge, that my grandfather has been subject to".

Ronald Hilton - 8/8/03