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More on the Lincoln Brigade

     As the son of Basques who fought in the Spanish Civil War and who took refuge in Mexico, Imanol Ordinka has sent a heated defense of the Lincoln "Brigade."
     "I see it differently. My parents and grandparents, who are refugees of the Spanish Civil War, have seen them in a different light. They were young people who fought for ideals and were willing to openly go to another country to fight for these ideals. They were part of a coalition or front that, in spite of internal differences, fought for the preservation of the Spanish Republic against Franco's fascist army. This is what I learned from my parents who lived that process and who, by the way, were Republican but not socialists or communists. My parents were even anti-communist I would say. In spite of that, the members of the Lincoln Brigade and other internationalists left an emotional mark on them."
     This is just an extract of the message, with which I heartily agree. However, to jump from that to the conclusion that I support Franco and Latin American dictators is the opposite of the truth, as is generally known. I and others who specialize in the study of modern Spain simply demand the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In a court of law, there are often emotional outbursts on both sides, but they should not affect the even-handed pursuit of the truth and of justice. Of course, we understand and sympathize with the emotional outbursts.

Ronald Hilton - 11/11/98