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SPAIN: Lorca and Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

Christopher Jones wrote: "Although Lorca leaned to the left, before his death he courted friendship with Falangist Josť Antonio Primo de Rivera". John Heelan comments: "I would be interested to learn Christopher's evidence for this "courtship". It is known that they met by chance in a restaurant in Palencia in 1934, separate tables, when Josť Antonio suggested to Lorca, via a message scribbled on a napkin, that they should collaborate. It is also know that in 1935, Lorca met several right-wing sympathizers and one of his biographers (Stainton) reports rumours that he attended tertulias and football matches which Josť Antonio also attended. Whether that was "courtship" or not is still unclear, so I would appreciate any light Christopher can shed on the subject".

Ronald Hilton - 6/30/03