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SPAIN: Monarchies in the modern world

The justification of Franco is a divisive issue. There is more agreement that the monarchy of Don Juan Carlos has served a valuable purpose. Eduardo Tello says:

"Quite aside from his personal qualities, which are many, he has one which will, to some extent, ensure the preservation of monarchy in his country: he does not, strictly speaking, belong to any of the national groups or nations of which Spain is composed. This fact was certainly very present to the clairvoyant Francisco Franco--a man of uncommon ability whom "Anglo-Saxons" seem utterly unable to appreciate--when he made Spain a monarchy, and a Bourbon monarchy, at that. The only native, yet non-ethnic, House"

My comment: "Anglo-Saxons" are not the only ones incapable of appreciating Franco.

Ronald Hilton - 3/11/02