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SPAIN: A Napoleonic clock

In Madrid in the 1930s I lived in the Residencia de Estudiantes. Christopher Jones comments: "Maybe you've already visited their site, but the Residencia de Estudiantes now has a website at: I didn't know that it has been completely restored and a portion of the complex houses the Federico Garcia Lorca Foundation which is headed by a cousin, J. Fernández Montesinos. (His father was briefly mayor of Granada in 1936. Assassinated, his body was dragged through the streets.) I am hoping to tape there later this year for my documentary about Salvador Dalí".

RH: The Residencia website is valuable. I notice that it names among its distinguished members Miguel de Unamuno, Alfonso Reyes, Manuel de Falla, Juan Ramón Jiménez, José Ortega y Gasset, Pedro Salinas, Blas Cabrera, Eugenio d'Ors and Rafael Alberti,, but not apparently Lorca or Dali. Lorca and Dali got all the publicity (I have no use for the latter), but the less shocking and notorious work was carried on by people for whom I have an enormous respect, such as Ortega y Gasset. Television lends itself to the study of people like Lorca and Daii, but not of Ortega y Gasset. I was delighted to see a photograph of Alberto Jiménez, who was president of the Residencia when I was there. A gentle, quiet individual, he was during the Civil War named lecturer at Oxford University by my old mentor William J. Entwistle. I was delighted to see him and his lovely wife Natalia there.

Ronald Hilton - 1/30/03