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SPAIN: Noble Spain, Poor Spain!!

"Josť Manuel de Prada wrote that the situation is such that people are afraid to go for a walk." He comments:

"After several years without a ETA "comando" in Barcelona, I myself feel somewhat uneasy when taking a walk, because there it is, an abominable factor you have to take into account, though maybe you keep it in the back of your mind. The possibilities of getting bombed are, I guess, one in a thousand, but still you feel uneasy. Of course, that is what terrorists want, and that is what one should never feel, because then you are defeated.

Basque terrorism of some sort of another has been going in Spain for more than a generation. What makes recent developments different is the utterly immoral attitude of the "moderate" nationalists of the PNV (Basque Nationalist Party). Xavier Arazullz, its president (about whom some very interesting remarks were made recently in this list) must be one of the most hated men outside the Basque Country, and with reason. He condemns the murders, but he also is the first to criticize the Government when the police succeeds in dealing a blow to ETA. Yet what is most infuriating is his ruthless and unethical and opportunistic political exploitation of ETA's actions in the benefit of his own party. By behaving this way, he only encourages the killers, and contributes to the moral ruin and utter discredit of Basque nationalism.

I don't think Spanish democracy is fragile, but the present crisis is indeed a serious one. In spite of everything, we will survive. I think that if there is a people which has learned of its past mistakes and tragedies, that is ours. In spite of people like Arzalluz and the ETA thugs, reason will prevail."

My comment: The president of the Basque Nationalist Party is a confused and rather old man. The really unattractive individual is the younger head of the Basque government, against whom the PP and the Socialists have introduced motions of censure in the Basque parliament. The next week may be decisive.

Ronald Hilton - 9/25/00