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SPAIN: Pamplona, bombs and bulls

Spain arrested two ETA suspects in Pamplona bombing: Spanish police arrested two alleged members of the armed Basque separatist group ETA and seized 150kg of explosives , Interior Minister Angel Acebes said. "The central nucleus of the commando cell has been taken out of action with the arrest of two paid-up killers," Acebes said. Police raided a house in the northern town of Berriozar near Pamplona and found various arms and the haul of explosives, 30kg of which had already been made into bombs, he said. Acebes named the two arrested men as Joseba Segurola and Ibai Aguinaga. He said police were investigating whether the pair were responsible for a 30 May bombing that killed two police officers in the northern Navarre region, and for a bomb planted in a hotel in Pamplona on Sunday during the Fiesta of San Fermin. ETA, Western Europe's most active guerrilla group, is listed as a terrorist organization by the US and the EU. It has been blamed for some 840 deaths in a 35-year campaign for an independent state in northern Spain and southwestern France. The group has claimed responsibility for 46 killings since it resumed violence in January 2000 following an 18-month ceasefire. (Reuters, 7/16/03).

RH: Here is a simple explanation of the surprising success of Pío Moa's book eulogizing Franco. Spaniards are tired of ETA, and they recall that Franco proclaimed a "Spain, one and indivisible". IF Spaniards were asked today if they approved of the bombing of Guernica by Ftanco, a surprising number might say yes. The Spanish mood suggests that the people would tolerate another Franco rather than put up with ETA indefinitely. ETA might unleash another civil war.

Ronald Hilton - 7/20/03