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The Partido Popular and the Constitution

     Joan Ubeda clarifies the statement by The Economist (2/27/99):
     "The PP didn't exist in 1978. The conservatives rallied around Manuel Fraga's Alianza Popular (AP), which eventually turned itself into the PP a few years later. The conversion AP to PP involved dumping out most of the "franquist" remnants of AP, including Fraga himself, a former minister with Franco. He went quietly into golden retirement as president of Galicia, where he was born. The right wing AP program was toned down to a more palatable centrist offer. However, the accession of the PP to Governement had a lot to do with a no-holds-barred campaign against Felipe Gonzalez, the socialist prime minister. First, on grounds of corruption, and then by ressucitating the GAL ("dirty antiterrorist war") case.
     What I recall for sure is that the Basque Nationalist Party did not vote in favor of the constitution. As far as I can remember, AP voted favourably --but I can be wrong on that."

Ronald Hilton - 03/05/99