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The Past Does Not Exist

     In Germany ex-Nazis and ex-Communists keep quiet about their past, which
Germans do their best to forget.  The situation is the same in Spain.  Two
stories ran together.  The first concerned the destruction of Carabanchel
prison in Madrid, notorious for holding Franco's enemies. The past was
destroyed physically. The other was about Fraga Iribarne, who as Franco's
Goebbels, was the scourge of "the Reds."  Now, as head of the Galician
government, he has befriended Fidel Castro, whose family came from Galicia.
He received him with great honor, and he is now making his second visit to
Cuba, accompanied by seventy businessmen. He denounced the U.S. "embargo",
which is good for Spanish business.

Ronald Hilton - 10/29/98