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Spanish Rage and its Political Consequences

     This statement has aroused concern and speculation. It was simply copied from the report I received, as the " indicated: "Neo-fascism in Spain is also gaining access to the political system. After the Ejido outbreak, Jesus Gil, football tycoon and ultra-conservative mayor of the southern city of Marbella, said his Grupo Independiente Liberal (GIL) would challenge Prime Minister Aznar's center-right Popular Party in the upcoming March elections. "I have never been more convinced that we lived better under Franco," Gil told a rally of supporters in Madrid, vowing to clean up the Spanish political system and defend Ceuta and Melilla, Spain's colonies in northern Morocco. "
     John asks: "Are you implying that Jesús Gil y Gil, and/or Grupo Independiente Liberal is neo-fascist?"

     My reply: No, I was simply quoting. I am totally confused by the case. I have tried to follow it through accounts of Gil's problems with the Atlético soccer team and the statements of José María Aznar and some of the members of the councils of Ceuta and Melilla, whose status is a matter of dispute.

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/00