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SPAIN: Serrano Suner

I expressed surprise that Ramón Serrano Suñer, the brother-in-law of Franco and a key figure in his regime, was stilll alive at age 101. Stanley Payne, the well-known historian of modern Spain, writes: "Yes, indeed, Serrano is still alive. He was born in September 1901. But he no longer gives lectures. His talk in the series that I directed at El Escorial in the summer of 1995 lasted three and a half hours, and even then we had to cut him off. That at the age of nearly 94. He is probably the last remaining survivor among important figures in European governments in World War II. Oddly, back in the 1940s he was considered hypochondriacal and in poor health. A new brief critical biography by the Catalan historian Joan Ma Thomas will soon be published in Barcelona".

Ronald Hilton - 1/7/03