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The Spanish Civil War: Bolloten and Southworth

The well-known specialist on the Spanish Civil War Stanley Payne was a friend of Burnett Bolloten. He asks me to comment on "Bolloten over the years moved to the right, and in the end apparently saw "revolution" itself (rather than the Communist Party) as the main enemy". This is true. Before I conducted the WAIS TV interviews I conducted for the University of the Air a large number of radio interviews, among them several with Burnett Bolloten. I must listen to them again to find out what he said on the subject. The statement that he became conservative would have pained him. He was distressed that rightists thought he had gone over to their side. He did not want the Hoover Institution Press to publish his book (it was finally published by the University of North Carolina Press) less it be viewed as biassed. In it he struggled to be impartial. As a young man, he avidly read Das Kapital, although he never became a Communist. He witnessed the Civil War himself. While he was disgusted by the treachery of the Communists, what made the deepest impression on him was simply the horror of revolution, be it from the left or from the right..

Ronald Hilton - 11/23/02