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Spanish Civil War

Communist regimes left bitter memories. Les Dencs, a Hungarian, mentions the link between Spain and the Comintern. He writes:"You are very generous to the republicans. The Spanish communists and anarchists started the terror even before Franco was in Spain.. They invited the foreign "republicans" like themselves in. I am a Hungarian and lived under the rule of one of the "republicans from the Spanish Civil War". His name was Erno Gero, don't recall his name in Spain. He was a murderer in Hungary, just like in Spain. The Spanish were lucky that Franco won. Should the Republicans have won, the innocent deaths would have doubled, and who knows? Spain could be where Yugoslavia is now.About Castro - he has a great "republican" reputation. In his first week in power he and his men killed more people than Batista has through out his rule."

My comment: It is almost impossible to put in a good word about France, largely because the public has been brainwashed by Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls. Likewise, in Chile we do not know what would have happened had Allende carried out his revolution inspired by Castro. Conversely it is almost impossible to say a good word about Castro.

Erno Gero was known as Pedro in Spain. In his massive (1074 pp) The Spanish Civil War, Burnett Bolloten has a lot about him. Burnett was a scrupulously impartial historian, but for giving detailed information about Spanish ties with the Comintern he was the target of vituperation. At the same time, let us keep our perspective. Mainstream Republicans were opposed to the Communists, and the Communists plotted to assassinate even Socialist leaders. "Even before Franco was in Spain" presumably means after the army staged its coup, unless it refers to the earlier assassinations of men like Josť Calvo Sotelo

Ronald Hilton - 4/23/01