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SPAIN: The Valle de los Caidos

Tim Brown says: "While serving in Spain, I visited the Valle de Los Caidos several times and found it architecturally fascinating, once with Dr. Fraga Iribarne (the brother of the Franquista minister) as my guide, but don't remember ever having him or anyone mention it was supposed to honor both sides. I came away with the understanding that it was intended only to honor Franco's comrades in arms and his Falangista political supporters. To me the mosaic covering the dome of the central hall told it all. It honored the three members of Franco's Trinity-the Church, the Army and the Falangist Party, and no one else". RH: When it was built, it was clearly stated that the monument was to be a resting place for victims on both sides. Tim must have been there during the Franco period when Fraga Iribarne and his brother were propagandists for the Franco regime.

Ronald Hilton - 7/31/03