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TV or not TV. That is the Question.

     I spend several hours each day watching foreign TV news broadcasts to get the news, the interpretation, and the feel of each situation. I told Joan Ubeda, a TV journalist who is at Stanford as a Knight Fellow, that I rated Spanish TV news at the top. He repled that it is controlled by the parties according to their representation in parliament, where the conservative PP has a majority.
     The TV reports on the impressive celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the 1978 constitution gave the impression that the PP, which is always defending the constitution against its crititics, demanding that the Basques respect it, and rejecting proposals for change, had always supported it strongly.
     Now The Economist (2/27/99) says that the PP voted against the constitution. I was stunned; my memory fails me. There are many eminent Hispanists among WAISers. Can one of them please jog my memory?

Ronald Hilton - 03/05/99