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SPAIN: Spanish and Irish politics - the "Unrequited loves" of Lorca and Sean McBride

Rosa de Pena explains her reference to the unrequited loves of Josť Antonio Primo de Rivera. I asked if that meant he was a homosexual. She rerplies: "No more than Sean McBride, who also had an unrequited love for Eamon de Valera, according to O'Brien. These loves have to be understood in the political sense (causes to give his devotion to, without those causes appreciating him). You really have to read the piece by O'Brien (it is in his memoirs called My life and Themes). Sean McBride, with his background and obsessions, ended up winning the Nobel Peace Prize in the seventies, honoring his work for Amnesty International and in the Commission for Refugees. This shows the value of the political stability that de Valera created in Ireland." Well, I shall never understand unrequited loves or Irish politics.

Ronald Hilton - 12/22/01