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Terror Networks

Alberto Gutierrez comments on the posting abou terrorist networks:"The links between Castro and the IRA has never been a secret.

For instance, last December Gerry Adams, in charge of the political arm of that organization, said to CNN on his arrival at Havana Airport: "There is much for Irish republicans to learn from Cubans".

CNN also reported :"Three suspected IRA members are currently jailed in Colombia, suspected of training left-wing FARC rebels there" One of those arrested was Niall Connolly -Sinn Fein's representative in Cuba. Adams initially denied that Connolly was a Sinn Fein official, then he said he had been appointed to the post without his knowledge. When the Colombias arrested Connolly and the other two, forensic tests showed that the trio had been handling explosives and drugs. Curiously, FARC has the full support of Castro".

Ronald Hilton - 11.15.03