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TERRORISM: Language--Spain and ETA

At the recent session of the UN General Assembly, Spain was one of the countries demanding worldwide action against terrorism. Indeed, Spain offers an excellent example. ETA, Breton and Corsican terrorists are linked. Every day there is a sickening and cowardly ETA attack on innocent Spanish civilians. ETA youths have no scruples and no conscience.

The posting about Welsh mentioned that the EU supports it and similar minority languages financially, and thus divisive, to the detriment of the state. The regional governments are paid to promote their "language" and violent youths have another excuse to disrupt the peace.

The promotion of the Basque language has presumably likewise been financed by the EU, and other regions of Spain are claiming that they speak a different language in the hope of getting money from Brussels. I have seen nowhere details of this and would be glad to have them. The linguistic babel of Europe is expensive and disruptive. The use of English will become more widespread. That would help the Atlantic alliance, which I regard as the best guarantor of peace. Out of chaos may come order.

Ronald Hilton - 9/16/00