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Spain is in a state of shock. In a small town near Barcelona, a member of the town council, a member of the Partido Popular, was shot dead, leaving a wife and two small children. It was the first ETA assassination in Catalonia in three years. The assassins escaped in a stolen car, which they abandoned. King Juan Carlos, himself the target of assassination attempts, made a firm statement condemning the killing, as did leaders of all parties except the ETA front party. There were silent protest meetings throughout Spain. The "¡Basta ya!" (Enough!) movement held a protest meeting in San Sebastian. The Basque executive refused to send a representative on unconvincing technical grounds.

The European parliament condemned the assassination. The sole ETA-front member, a wild, grey-haired man, infuriated all the other Spanish members by refusing to join in the condemnation.

At the WAIS 2001 conference there will be a session devoted to international terrorism. It is being organized by Tim Brown. While I second his hard line, the session should include a discussion of the mentality of these terrorists, who are totally without scruples or remorse.

Ronald Hilton - 9/21/00