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Terrorism will be the subject of a session at the WAIS July conference. The European Union has been fighting it, with Spain leading the campaign because of ETA, and it hopes that an EU convention just signed will be extended to countries like Mexico, where many ETA terrorists took refuge. In the old days, terrorism was mostly perpetrated by Russians or people affiliated with it. Interesting in this regard is a new book by Yevgeny Kozhushko, Contemporary Terrorism: Analysis of the Basic Trends (Minsk, 2000), He stresses the role of students, saying that "imbued with socialist principles, many blood-thirsty students became obsessed. Terrorism was a convenient tool." The student strikers and terrorists in Latin America and elsewhere may not realize it, but these are the historic roots of their activity.

Spain and Spanish America are different in this regard. Now most Spanish students fight the terrorism of ETA, and Spanish universities are operating pretty well. Not so in Latin America. In Mexico, universities and the high schools affiliated with them are wracked with violence. President Fox is being astute. Instead of using force against the students, who would then pose as martyrs, he has announced the creation of many scholarships on the condition that students devote themselves to their studies. We will have to see if this works. In Colombia and Peru, the students are adding to the national problems. In Lima the University of San Marcos is the site of battles similar to those at the National University of Mexico (UNAM).

Ronald Hilton - 02/02/01