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Who's a terrorist? Terrorists and the Catholic Church - the Philippines

Bienvenido Macario is highly critical of the role in the Philippines of the Catholic Church, which Spain brought there, together with the Masonic anti-clerical movement. Now the priests and seminarians who figure prominently in the Communist Party of the Philippines cooperate with anti-clerical Masons; "There are other members who are former journalists and labor leaders, like the Tony Zumel . Ironically was awarded the "Marcelo H. Del Pilar Award". Del Pilar, while in Spain with Rizal and others, was a Mason who wrote anti-cleric proganda against the Catholic Church and ecclesiastical abuses (rape and robbery) in the Philippines in the 1890's. His works were parodies of Catholic prayers (the parodies are still not taught in Philippine schools) like "Apostles' Greed", etc. It is ironic that an award named for a Mason and anti-cleric was given to a violent left-wing in cahoots with clerics. The world must have come full circle." The rest of Bienvenido's very long piece would bewilder those not familiar with Philippine politics.

Ronald Hilton - 12/15/01