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Who's a terrorist? Terrorists and the Catholic Church - Central America

Liberation theology is popular in Latin America and elsewhere, but for Tim Brown, whose special beat is Central America and Nicaragua in particular, many of the priests promoting it are black sheep or wolves in sheep's clothing: "Priests and Communist are flatly contradictory terms. To be a priest one must believe in God. To be a Communist, one must be an atheist. What there are, are hundreds, even thousands of atheistic Communists wearing disguises as priests in order to exploit the moral authority of the Church to advance their particular political philosophy because, among other things, wear a priest's collar gives their lies apparent validity, since most people assume priests don't lie. . In Central America, priests and nuns of the liberation theology school actively supported, abetted, and even engaged in terrorist attacks on civilian targets for he purpose of advancing their political agendas, and were then believed when they lied about their actions because they were wearing clerical garb. For the same reason, they were also widely believed when they falsely accused those engaged in irregular warfare against their side of being terrorists. During my years working and studying in the region I have met a number of former Revolutionary priests and other religious, and several went to far as to revel in their experiences. One former priest gleefully explained to me that, as a US government official I was automatically considered a liar, whereas as a "priest" he was automatically considered a truth teller. He could say whatever he wanted, and always be believed; I could say whatever I wanted and never be believed."

Ronald Hilton - 12/15/01