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Terrorists. Lindh

Miles Seeley, who has professional knowledge of such matters, says: "Lindh's lack of credentials etc helped him get into Al Qaeda. He was vetted in Yemen and Pakistan and on his travels to and from Afghanistan, you can be sure. He would then have been in a cell, with no knowledge of much of anything outside his cell. He would have been expected simply to follow orders and ask no questions. The cell system compartmentalizes Al Qaeda members and prevents an infiltrator from learning much. This is a time-tested method, used notably by underground Communist Parties. Perhaps later, after he had been battle-tested, Lindh could have served as a useful proaganda symbol for Al Qaeda. In short, infiltrating a know-nothing into a cell is not difficult. Infiltrating a trained source who can then get useful intelligence is extremely difficult."

There has been an international hullabaloo over the different treatment given to Lindh and the Taliban. Bob Gard comments: "Lindh is a citizen and therefore enjoys protection others do not".

Ronald Hilton - 1/26/02